Wednesday, October 21, 2009

DDA: High Court Stays Auction of Rohini Land

Delhi High Court : PIL case : Rahul Gupta v/s DDA & UD Ministry. W.P.(C) : 8765/09
(DDA’s Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981)

LATEST on 21.10.2009

Hon’ble Delhi High Court has restrained DDA for further auction and diversion of Rohini land.

Court has also asked DDA to give the details of total acquired land and its utilization including the details of land under encroachment.

Urban Ministry has been ordered to inform the court about their stand and provisions of MPD-2021 to make the provisions for plotted allotment.

The court was hearing a PIL filed by Mr Rahul Gupta, a registrant under DDA’s Rohini Residential Scheme – 1981, who along with about 25000 other registrants of the scheme have not been allotted a plot since 28 years.

DDA has been maintaining that on account of ‘paucity of land and developed infrastructure’, allotment has not been made for these many years. Even such types of statements were made to our Supreme House i.e. Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha. At the same time, Rohini Land which was acquired for the purpose of allotment of plots to scheme registrants had been illegally diverted/ utilized for non-scheme related projects/ scheme.

Initially 2493 hectare land was proposed for the scheme in 1981 and the fact is that almost twice the land (about 4680 hectare) has already been successfully acquired for the purpose of this 28 year old scheme and has already been successfully handed over to different ‘Rohini Project Divisions’ of DDA.

In an affidavit, VC-DDA has admitted that about 748 hectare ‘Rohini Land’ (out of 2473 hectare land of Rohini Phase – I, II & III) has either been encroached upon or grabbed by the villagers or un-lawfully allotted to Co-operative Societies in Rohini area.

In 2006, DDA also approached UD ministry and sought the permission to close the scheme without allotting the land to remaining registrants of the scheme. Since last 14 years, DDA has not carved out any pocket (cluster of plot) for the purpose allotment of plot to waiting EWS/ JANTA (Economic Weaker Society) registrants of the scheme.

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